Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Thursday 6th December

Wicked down the line session at Pagham, got there a little too late after high tide for the biggest waves but head wave after wave after wave of shoulder to head-high clean long lines. The wind was very WSW so side-off and this meant the bigger waves could be ridden from the spit to the third big rock groyne. A real bottom turn bullshit bonanza with more than a few 10+ turn waves. Fan-bloody-tastic!!

Used the 4.7 on the Gheyrilla 78, the waves were holding up really nicely and well powered with a cross-off wind was able to get a few aeriels but was unable to land any back on the face. Will have to get the hang of that in 2008!

Later in the week the boys all went over to the Isle of Wight for a party at J's house and got a big, meaty session in at Chilten.:

You can just about make Rich out on the far left heading towards a big set...

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

December 3rd 2007

Took a half day and went to Bracklesham Bay with Pete. 5.4 on the Guerrilla 78. Some Ok waves about and Weathercam (creator of the beach guides I link to) even got a bit of video of us attempting to ride the onshore waves. I am not sure of his taste in music, but he is a top bloke and his online weather station is a useful resource

Of course after he had gone, the wind went from WSW to W (more cross-shore) and we started to pull together a few decent rides ;-)

First outing for the new wetsuit a Gul Delta - brilliant - warmest I've been winter sailing for years. Got it for bargain £124 from jwvwatersports.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Friday 30th November

Took the afternoon off on a good forecast, which never really came off. Went out from Rich's house, and sailed up to the spit where the wind was gusty and eventually died off, there was a hint of some waves, but nothing like I thought there might be.

Ended up missing Saturday and Sunday as a result. Pics below :(

(Sunday was actually too windy most of the day, but it seems there was a sailable hour when it was only F7 mid-afternoon).


Sunday - Pagham at its best

Wednesday 28th Nov

Sneaky lunchtime session with 5.0 and 95 FSW at Pagham, OK at best, but just good to be out on the water.