Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Wednesday 27th June

Fun 4.2 session on the Guerrilla Wave at Shoreham. Decided to take a half day, finished at work at 12.45, got home 1.09 and was on the water at 2.45 so although it doesn't look it on the map it would seem it's the quickest beach to get to from TW7.

Also had some small waves at low tide when everywhere else would have been flat or too onshore to be fun. Although the wind looks reasonably sideshore on the beach, and is a great angle for jumping, the way the waves come in means it is quite onshore when you are trying to ride them and it is easy to get backwinded - it requires the full onshore technique. Still got a couple of smacks I was reasonably happy with.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Monday 18th June

Had my afternoon meetings cancelled so took the afternoon off and drove down hoping to catch some wind that was blowing through but forecast to drop off. I was hoping for a bit of a thermal to keep things interesting after the front had gone past. Sure enough, after driving down in rain got to Pagham to find clear skies and 25 knots + . So had a sunny fun chop bothering session with the Guerilla 78 and 4.2.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Saturday 16th June

Sailed at Pagham with a 5.0 on the Guerilla 78. Decently windy but no waves. The spit continues to grow and on the ebb tide this means the water coming out of the harbour really rips out parallel to the beach and creates a lot of chop and a standing wave.

It has really changed the shape of the beach, and on the outgoing tide makes sailing a fair bit more technical, and if you are not careful you will end up a fair way downwind.