Monday, March 05, 2007

Monday 5th March

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Avon Beach. Started off on 95l FSW and 5.8, then changed down to 78l ORB and 5.0. 5.4 and 78l probably would have been alright the whole time! Wind was more onshore than previous times I have sailed there, verging on Sly I would have thought.

Got there after the second high tide and the waves quickly dropped to waist-high at best, although I got the impression they had been bigger earlier, and this was backed up by the guy in the nearby shop Spot on Water who gave it the typical 'should have been here earlier'. However, it did sound like it had been very good...

Must pay more attention to the tides here in future, obviously needs to be on the push to be best, and certainly not after the second high tide.