Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday 28th October

Fun 5.0 session at Pagham. Lots of people there as SSW wind forecast but it was more sideshore than that. Some waves to bash but small and not in nice lines. Please forgive the video experiment, next time it will be better :) The waves, er, chop, got a bit better as the tide came in, honest!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tuesday 16th October

Quick lunchtime trip to Goring. In a word 'rubbish'. Planed for about 3 seconds, came in, went home - at least that doesn't take long these days. Roll on Autumn...

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Monday 24th September

Littlehampton on the Guerrilla with 4.7. Much better session than Thursday. Wind was Wly which is the perfect direction at LA, once the tide dropped a bit there were lots of small waves and plenty of riding and jumping fun, with only 3 of us out. The wave holds up well in the slightly offshore wind and has a good shape for smacking. Only takes 35 minutes to get there too. More please...

Thursday 20th September

First time on the water since moving - and it took a month (although nowhere near as long as it took to get broadband). Takes about 35 minutes to get to Shoreham, where I sailed with 5.4 on the Guerrilla 78. It was OK, cross-on small waves, couple of decent jumps and turns, just good to go for a sail and spend more time sailing than driving :)