Sunday, January 14, 2007

Saturday 13th January

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Kicked off 2007 with a decent Pagham session with 5.4 on the Guerrila Wave. Small rideable waves, but must admit I was a bit disappointed after all the wicked down the line sessions people had been having midweek...

Still, decent wind and very warm, compared to what January is usually like.

New sail looks nice --

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Sunday 31st December

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Rounded off the year with a great sail with more of the crowd sailing together than has been seen for a decade. Chris, Rich, J, Pete were all out. Decent bit of wind, 5.0 on the Guerilla Wave, and some clean but small waves, getting the hang of the new board, and even did a small aeriel on one waveride.

Then fell off badly going off the back of a wave with one foot out of the straps and doing the splits when I hit the water. Very painful and had to pack up and limp home...