Monday, May 22, 2006

Saturday 20th May

Got a late session at Pagham. It was nuclear windy - 35knts average gusting 45 on Chimet. Used my very old 3.7 and prob would have been better off with my only slightly less old 4.2. Need a new 4.2.

Some rideable waves, but they were doing the usual Pagham thing of walling up, then vanishing after you've got one top turn. Good jumping, when you weren't totally overpowered.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Friday 19th May

Went to Avon Beach - got there in less time than it takes to get to Bracklesham or The Witterings. Started off on 5.0, nicely powered, got a lot of waves with 4/5 bottom turns on each. Over time the wind picked up and I changed down to 4.2 but overdownhauled it. I think I need to ditch the 4.2 and get a 4.5 Session and come in if there's more wind than I can handle with that.

Avon is great venue, sandy, no shorebreak, lots of waves, no crowds or aggro. Will go there again. Quite a bit probably...